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Hears! Friends Welcome to the Request Apply for RJ page on The music masti Live Web Radio to play Indian music, Pakistani music and English music, etc. If you want to hear something new, simply tune in to the music masti Live web radio. Requesting the RJ form in the music masti has given its users the opportunity to become RJ. Request the Apply for RJ form at the music masti provide a plaque form to your people to show their talent to the world. So get ready to hit the ground and the world. If you are looking to make your own program on the air in the best Radio chat room, which is the best among all FM websites. Our live Web Radio chat room contains a large number of people and most of them join our website to listen live to RJ programs in our FM chat room.
You can join the music masti community of the RJ selection and request RJ. So do not miss the opportunity friends. The music masti will provide you with all the quality of entertainment and fun. We use to establish different schedules for each one in which they can perform their shows live in our Live web Radio chat room. There are many people who are fond of listening to music online where they can hang out to listen to music online at shows to entertain themselves and their friends. You can join us on the air in our online music programs. What you must do here is introduce yourself.

There is a simple method if you want to request an RJ. We have given you some options where you can easily contact us. You have different media where you can contact us. You can contact us through Skype, Facebook and Gmail. If you want to show your talent in our Fm number 1 chat room, where you can see unlimited listeners waiting for your favorite RJs to perform shows at their different times. You can also bring your friends here if they are interested in Requesting RJ to complete the online program in our Radio chat room.