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  After investigation, Hu Zhiqiang severely violated political discipline and political rules, incorrectly fulfilled the party's main responsibility for rigorously governing the party and undermined the political ecology; weak implementation of the strategic plan for poverty alleviation; engaging in political attachment; lack of ideals and beliefs and feudal superstition activities; confrontation with organizations survey. Serious violations of the spirit and integrity of the eight regulations of the Central Committee, and violations of the rules require subordinate units to pay the costs that should be borne by individuals; repeatedly receiving gifts and gifts that may affect the fair execution of official duties; using standard transportation; accepting banquets that may affect the fair execution of official duties ; Use authority to seek personal gain for relatives and those around them. Serious violations of organizational discipline, use of powers to seek benefits for others in the promotion of positions; loss of principle in cadre appointments, and reconciliation; when the organization understands its related issues, it does not truthfully explain the situation; in violation of regulations, it does not conceal personal related matters ; Not strictly enforce the leave reporting system. Seriously violates the discipline of the masses and ignores the interests of the masses. Seriously violate work discipline, interfere with and intervene in major engineering construction projects; abuse of power, arrange violations to investigate related issues. Serious violation of life discipline, extravagant life. Violation of national laws and regulations constitutes illegal employment. Taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, receiving huge amounts of property, and suspecting bribery.,How to participate in Bitcoin mining.